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Scapa Sniper Tape Green

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Scapa Sniper Tape Green 

Scapa, genuine issue fabric Sniper Tape, provides a flexible protective adhesive wrapping which is ideal for applying a stealth covering to weapons and military equipment. This world renowned pressure sensitive military adhesive tape is easy to tear by hand, yet durable, retaining its stickiness and combat effectiveness.


  •     Conceals weapons and equipment, reducing glare and visibility
  •     Fabric tape is washable and reusable
  •     Minimizes metallic rattling and noise
  •     Protect equipment from field scratches
  •     Meets - UK Defence Standard 75-2
  •     Improves handling and grip of tape covered items
  •     Acts as an Insulation barrier from hot/cold surfaces
  •     Easy to cut or tear
  •     Conforms to any shape
  •     Adhesive coated fabric tape
  •     Sniper tape will not leave a sticky residue when removed

This tape is excellent for anyone serving in the Military, Law Enforcement and Security

The Tape can be used for minor repairs on equipment

The tape is Excellent as a Concealment aid

The tape is heavy Duty and removable

The tape Reduces any Glare or shine of the object

The tape is not only useful for the military but is also excellent for anyone working in the outdoors


Who are Scapa?

Scapa, a leading global manufacturer of bonding products and adhesive components,  is the number one choice of sniper tape within the UK armed forces, including Special Forces. Scapa’s “Sniper Tape 3302” has, over the years, been used on global operations and exercises with unparalleled results.