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Para Cord Type 3 550 Black 

Highest Quality Paracord available, rot proof, resistance to UV Light, easy to use, 550lbs breaking strain, ideal for military use and just about everything else.

Military Use includes: Stretcher making, inner threads can be used to stitch a wound, makeshift tourniquet, makeshift stretcher, shoelaces, equipment fixing, must have in military survival kits.

Camping and Outdoor Use: Attach items to rucksacks and other packs, putting a hammock up, attaching gear to cars, boats and other vehicles, making traps, making fishing nets and lines, making bows for fire starting, and a million other uses.

Manufacturing Use includes: Shoelaces and drawcords, attach to hoods and zippers, attach sails to masts, use on hammocks, paracord bracelets, dog collars and leads.

The above is just a small amount of uses.

Diameter: 4mm

Material: High Quality Nylon

Breaking Strain: 550lbs (250kgs)

Structure Outer 32 Strands – Core 7 Strands

Outer Sheath: 100% Nylon

Core: 100% Nylon

UV Light Resistance: Does Not Fade

Mildew Resistance: Does Not Rot

Durability: High Durability Rating

Soldering: Easy to Solder – Hard to Tear

Elasticity: Keeps Initial Shape After Unweaving

Weaving Convenience: Easy to Weave



Para Cord Type 3 550 Black

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