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Loksak Waterproof,Air Tight Bags

LOKSAK Inc, is the source of patented resealable aLOKSAK and OPSAK bags.  Protect your electronics and valuables in aLOKSAK bags that are clear, pliable, inexpensive, resealable, and certified 100% water/air/ dust and humidity proof.  aLOKSAK’s allow all touch screen devices to work 100% while protected in the bag. Imagine the endless possibilities of a bag that is certified waterproof to 200 feet!  OPSAK bags have the same hermetic seal as our aLOKSAK, however the body of the bag consists of a barrier film which eliminates odors.  SPLASHSAK are various nylon carrying cases that come with two aLOKSAK.  SHIELDSAK is our RF Shield pouch used for passports, credit cards and mobile phones to eliminate hacking. 
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