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 Windproof Smock Contents

Torch- Right angle with a red filter (batteries are included)
Woolly thinsulite Hat
Woolly thinsulite Gloves
Web Tex A6 Notebook Cover
Web Tex Water Proof Paper
Camm Cream

Webbing contents

Water Bottle and Mug
Mess Tins - If you have a bergen as well you only need 1 mess tin
Boot Brush - A small brush is more than ok
Sewing kit
First Aid kit - Plasters and asprin is really all you need
Boot Polish - An old tin of polish is ok as you are not bulling your boots
Wash Kit  - This is usually liquid soap/shower gel,talc,deoderant,toothbrush and toothpaste.
Small Flannel / face cloth - Use an old one from home
Spare Boot lace
Rations 24 hour - These should be issued by your unit
Pan scrub- For cleaning your mess tins
Sand bag - for collecting rubbish etc
Hexamine - These should be issued by your unit
30 metres of comms cord - This can be either para cord or garden twine from B & Q
Spare batteries for you torch
Spare socks- wrap these in a waterproof sealable bag

Bergen Contents

Sleeping bag - preferably a 3 season bag
Roll Matt - preferably green
DPM trousers - spare pair
DPM shirt - spare pair
T shirt - spare pair
Socks x 2
Underwear x 2
Fleece or a jumper
Waterproof jacket
Trainers - not your best pair of Nikies
Wash kit - consists of toothbrush,toothpaste,shower gel,deoderant,razor,talc- unscented and a hair brush
Towel - a dark one is best as you cant see the muck and dont use your parents best white towel.
6 Bungees - for putting up your shelter etc
30 metres of para cord - or use garden twine from B & Q
Emergency rations - 3 Choccy bars tucked away in a bag at the bottom of your bergen.
Mess tins - If you are using webbing you only need to carry one in your bergen
Water bottle and mug - Usually the 58 pattern style
Sewing kit - This is so you can carry out running repairs on your kit till you get home. Also known as a housewife
Boot Cleaning kit - Your boots will last longer if you keep them clean in the feild.
Survival Bag - for when it all goes wrong
Small first aid kit - just plasters and asprin is ok.
Your own medication with a note how to use it.

Items Issued to you

Rations - unless someone is doing the cooking for you
Hexamine - these look like small firelighters
Basha or Poncho this is for your shelter in the evening

Items you might like

Gas stove
Gas refill

Please note   
This is only a guide and your unit might have different ideas of what they want you to pack.
I have not put a price on this at the moment as it only a guide ut I will be doing so soon.
I love to hear from you on items that should be added on taken away.
The bergen should be no more than 85 litres