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Fidlock HERMETIC Arm Band - Running/Sports Arm Pack/Dry Bag

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Fidlock HERMETIC Arm Band - Running/Sports Arm Pack/Dry Bag

This is the perfect running armband for all types of terrain, seasons and weather. With 100% waterproof technology the armband is the ideal piece of equipment needed for running in inclement weather. The armband is also dust secure, making it a great addition for fell runners. The touchscreen material allows users to operate their phones without having to remove the phone from the armband.

The HERMETIC armband is made of skin-friendly, elastic material and follows every movement. And thanks to the special film, the smartphone remains touch-enabled. With the included belt extension, the lengthening for larger sizes can be attached quickly and conveniently.

If you are surprised by a downpour while running, the bag on the upper arm is already prepared. Whether it is a drizzle or a rain shower –  thanks to the hermetic closure technology, the smartphone is 100% protected against water and even the finest dust.

  • Endures every move and protects your phone
  • Magnetic self-sealing closure
  • Full touch functionality through the case
  • No interference with electronics and cards
  • Optional arm width extension included