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The KOBRA is Breechtool Equivalent of a Boresnake.

These things are the muts nuts*. Pull Through Cord for .22 .223 5.56mm Calibre Rifle Barrel Cleaner Upgrade to Your Weapon Cleaning Kit. Use on
AR-15/AR15, SA80, SCAR etc.

In the cord there are the brass bristles, and the cord as a cleaner itself eliminating the need for fiddling around with cloth squares, ensuring fast a decent clean with one pull through.

Highly recommended by our customers, us and operators worldwide.

The sizzle:
The Kobra Bore Cleaner Is A Unique Product That Cleans A Bore In Less Than 10 Seconds.

With A Single Pull Of The Kobra, You Will Have A Barrel That Is Shiny And Clean.

Compared To Any Other Issue Weapons Cleaning Cord That Can Found In Army Surplus Stores.

Its Integrated Bronze Brush Effectively Loosens Hard Fouling And Lead Deposits.

The Woven Cotton Floss That Follows, Picks It All Up.

Completely Washable So You Can Re-use It Over And Over Again.

This Is An Excellent Product To Use At Home, At The Range Or Out In The Field.

*Please make sure your Armourer is happy with the use of this item, sometimes a product works so well, they get annoyed and stop you using it. :D We do officially supply the Kobra to UK Police Tactical Firearm Teams and Direct to Armourers of the British Armed Forces

Breechtool Kobra Pull Through .22 .223 And 5.56mm

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